Jessica Biel’s Beach Body: My Butt Inspiration

| June 29, 2012

Jessica Biel Bikini Body
Forget Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel has taken the crown for my official bikini butt inspiration. The future Mrs Timberlake was spotted rocking an AMAZING bikini body on the shores of Puerto Rico this week and had allllll the tabloids talking – particularly that ridiculous butt of hers.

Clean Living

Jessica Biel Body Workout

Never shy of flaunting what she’s got (and why would you be), Jessica works HARD for that body. The “7th Heaven” alumni says that her diet and exericse regime has a lot more to do with lifestyle and peace of mind  - although I imagine her out-of-this-world bikini body doesn’t hurt.

Jessica shared with Glamour magazine, “When you feel good inside, you project that outward to the world. It keeps me very…clearheaded, and it helps me to refresh.”

The Minnesota turned Californian girl tributes her amazing physique to an intensely healthy lifestyle, saying: “For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a healthy diet, and staying away from alcohol are musts. It’s so boring, I know, but doing those things really helps.”

Jessica’s personal trainer Jason Walsh has revealed that eating small meals (of lean protein and vegetables) five times a day is what helps keep the star so lean. He says, “Sometimes for a snack I’d suggest a protein shake with berries. Jessica might have oatmeal when she wakes up, a chicken salad for lunch, fruits as snack and then dinner might be something like fish, vegetables and rice. I always suggest Kale to her because it’s packed with anti-oxidants.”

Jessica’s trainer says the star’s commitment to her clean eating and intensive workouts is really what keeps her in such immaculate shape. He adds that Jess isn’t afraid to work hard and make it HURT, watch the video below to get an insight into what makes this starlet tick.

Jessica’s Bikini Body Regime 

Jessica works out as hard as most athletes according to her trainer and her bikini body is definitely physical proof of a lot of hours of sweatin’. Mrs Timberlake-to-be likes to mix up her workout regime between boxing, martial arts, weight training, yoga, volleyball and jogging with her much-loved dog Tina.

Jessica Biel Workout

Jason Walsh revealed on FitPerez that Jessica has shifted from her ‘old school’ machine workouts into more full body training which has evened out her tone and lead to a more proportional shape.

He said, “Her body changed in three months. Now, she’s very much in proportion. Her waist, legs, arms and shoulders fit nicely together and look better.”

Along with cardio, Jason has Jessica perform a series of strength exercises with light weights but high repetitions and moves through them quickly for extra calorie burning power.

He shared, “I incorporate lunges, crunches, squats and core work with light weights and high repetitions. We also do plenty of walking lunges, which stretch the larger leg and glute muscles so there’s no bulk up, and then Russian twists with the ball.”

Jessica gets her heart pumping with interval cardio sessions doing either 30 second spurts of exercises like squat jumps/jumping jacks or a half mile run combined a series of explosive sprints.

To keep her mind at peace, Jessica also loves to mix in a few yoga classes to our busy workout schedule. Jessica shared with US Magazine: “Yoga is a constant for me because it keeps my muscles long and flexible. I like to do a couple of classes of yoga during the week.

Jessica Biel’s Workout Plan

In a recent interview Jessica’s trainer Jason shared a workout plan that you can use at home to get on the path to her envious physique.

Jessica Biel Butt

Warm up – Active Stretching (hamstrings, quads, inner thighs, calves, pecs)

Circuit 1 (repeat 3 times, rest 60 seconds between sets)

Side Planks Hold  - 30 seconds/side
Jump squats – 15 reps
Push ups (can use knees) – 10 reps

Circuit 2 (repeat 3 times, rest 60 between sets)

Squat to press (DB or MB) – 15 reps
Pull ups or Lat pulldowns – 10 reps
Bent over rows (DB) – 15 reps

Circuit 3 (repeat 3 times, rest 60 between sets)

Lateral lunge each leg -  10 reps
Step ups (onto bench) – 10 each leg
Straight leg sit ups – 15 reps

Watch the video below for some extra tips on how to get a Jessica Biel butt – here’s hoping….


Well done for locking that babe in Justin!

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